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The routine life of a jaded Hollywood psychic is disrupted by the unforeseen visit of an angry ex-client.

Directed by Michael Degani

The people become intimate with others only when they connect spiritually and unknowingly conceive sound of silence on both the ends which resonate through air as an “Anunad” (resonance).

Directed by Kaushal Kumar Singh

Two men share a bed and life before facing the real world.

Directed by Paul Baker

Emmi is a drama about a teenager living in a tower block who has a dark secret. One evening she crosses paths with Sarah the kindly but nervous resident living in the flat below. The events which follow later in the night will change both of their lives forever. 

Directed by Andrew Carslaw

One personal world. Two enemies in love.

Directed by Diana Stefanescu

“Hair Cut Man, Hair Cut Woman” is an experimental video that was shot over the course of 9 years in Thailand. 

Directed by Jason Britski

Gizem is a desperate married woman who tries to hold the life because she cannot have a baby. Therefore, her husband Muammer becomes estranged to her day by day. 

Directed by Hakan Ünal

An apparently drunk young man accidentally goes deep into the woods, into Nature, mother of all things that loves everyone and everything without judging.

Directed by Andrea Baglio

A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call.

Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires.

Directed by Andrew Kotatko

She’s young. She’s in trouble. She’s staring at the mirror looking for answers. 
But what she's about to find can change her life.

Directed by Sara Eustaquio

Amos Frye, a young business man who's been accused of killing his wife, accepts charges and does not want any defense.

Directed by Bahadır Karasu

15 minutes before the curtain goes up, the main female dancer drops out. 
The company’s only hope is the co-choreographer Luca - but the trans man is not happy with substituting for a girl, he has come too far for that. .

Directed by Adi Wojaczek

Kate is a screenwriter and her script for a feature film is copied by producer Adams. Kate feels let down, is supported by her friends. But, ultimately it is Kate, who stands up for herself and wins against producer Adams.

Directed by Pawan Sawlani

Global world, alternative reality, year 2017. Emma and Leo love each other but in a strictly regimented world where women represent 80% of the population, struggle for being a couple and keeping faith in love is tough. 

Directed by Xavier Guignard

Since it came to power in mainland China in 1949, the Chinese Communist Party has been unceasing in its persecution of religious faith. 

Directed by Jason Jia

Hang makes a deal with a mob leader to settle his debt. That deal requires him to murder a monk who tries to influence Hang to reconsider his actions. 

Directed by Ziwei Yao

After having, what she thought to be an extremely bad day. Emma finds herself going to the park, to contemplate and dwell on her bad luck. She never expected to meet George. 

Directed by Charles J. Ouda

Contemporary cities, with their agitation, need for speed and flow, have been losing, over time, their cultural identity. 

Directed by Monica Klemz

The film displays urban everyday life situations in super slow motion.

Directed by Guido Kühn

Women from all over Peru and doctors tell stories of sterilisation.

Directed by Rocio Westendorp

Dream sequences have held the Horse captive from finding a consensus for reality. Through a narrative letter, the Horse explains how he finds respite from his affliction.

Directed by

Philip Nguyen & Brett Herman

A poetic story about searching for an unexpired romance, a mélange of sexy fantasy and innocent love.

Directed by Shwenn Shunya Chang

This documentary shows the routine life of Óli Pétur, an alcoholic living on the streets of Reykjavík. His friends in past and the present.

Directed by Baldur Smari Olafsson & Fjolnir Baldursson

Elias encounters his past when he meets a dying girl. A meeting which may finally give him redemption for his mistakes.

Directed by Jacob Pilgaard

The animation’s hand-drawn style complements the film’s message which is to face inevitable obsolescence with grace and wisdom as you gain self-knowledge.

Directed by Jae Bae

It might not be safe to get back home too late...

Directed by Alessandra Guarino

A lone survivor in a post-apocalyptic world finds herself trapped in a basement below a zombie-infested Inn after seeking first aid. 

Directed by Evan Hughes

Matt is a physically fit guy in his mid-twenties who sells steroids for the mafia in a local gym. But the risks get higher as the police begin closing in on his territory.

Directed by Styrbjörn Dannelöv Karlin

The story of two neighbors who meet on their rooftops - both foreigners and artists from Europe living in Brooklyn.

Directed by Maya Jasmin

A French woman comes to London working as an assistant of one's of the world most renowned conductors. However, she's coming with a secret.

Directed by Xavier Guignard

In 1968, a deadly sleep experiment took place at the Parker family residence. A crime that would go down in infamy and sets in motion a series of events, leading to a startling killing spree in 1988.

Directed by Michael Davis

Tanya finds it hard to accept when a guy she has meet twice and has been raving about, loses interest in her. She decides to make him taste the same rejection. 

Directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani

In an imprecise future, humanity faces many strange diseases that threaten to bring the entire species to extinction. 

Directed by Clodoaldo Lino

Once a ruthless war lord who won his land by his sword, Mort-Lieu is now a sick old man. A mysterious knight appears 

Directed by Guillaume Enard & Jonathan Delerue

After the death of her parents, Erum goes on to spend her childhood with her loving grandfather. The two live happily together until it is time for Erum to pursue studies abroad.

Directed by Ali Sohail Jaura


Two closeted actors on their way to their first high profile awards ceremony fight both expectation and each other, as intimacy and insecurity collide in the back seat of a car.

Directed by Damian Overton


The end of a man's life seen through the pages of his diary. A journey in search of the fruit of oblivion will lead him to question his existence and that of humanity.

Directed by Christopher Vallefin


Ainhoa is 9 years old and she has left home, bringing only her school bag and a Playmobil. Ainhoa is a story that, instead of trying to put children to sleep, tries to wake up the adults.

Directed by Iván Sáinz-Pardo


Laura's story is a real story, written and played by her. The purpose of the story is to bring hope in people’s life, that you can live a normal life even if you have a disease. 

Directed by Cezar Ghioaca


Utopia is a surreal drama about an aspirational, blond young lady who wakes up from a coma in Uganda. And, no -- nothing is as it seems.

Directed by Aimiende Negbenebor Sela


A man's insatiable desire for women in couture takes him on an adventure for romance.

Directed by Victoria Napoletano


Zenaida is the living story of almost a century in the history of Cuba, born in Camagüey in 1930, of black race and from the lowest socio-economic class that existed at that time. 

Directed by Enrique Rottenberg


Luis is a sailor currently living and working on a cargo ship. A disturbing dream will lead him to start a journey into his past, in which he must relive his fears and memories in order to find himself again, facing his darkest part–– his shadow.

Directed by Teo Belton


Anacronte and the Sorcerers of Evil, without any emotion and fulfilling their destiny, they put to test humanity's hapinness in a struggle that, in short, has each of us as winners and losers.

Directed by Raúl Koler &

Emiliano Sette


A Street violinist (a busker) gets ready to play in his usual spot just like he does every day to try and make a living. 

Directed by Josemari Martínez


Kabir, a struggling actor tries convincing his wealthy wife, Neha to bankroll a movie to launch him but life quickly gets complicated.

Directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani


A young man named Charlie Berry comes across a box with a hidden secret.

Directed by Richard Schertzer


“You make me sick” says a woman to his man at the end of a relationship. 
But there has been love before that. And life with our miserable desires and those of other people. 

Directed by Marco Berton Scapinello


The new team leader in a murder case, Vlad, the "gaijin" detective in Tokyo police department, must deliver bad news to his twin brother Radu, a rehabilitated gangster which now runs a restaurant.

Directed by Leonidas Stanescu


Jim spends his time hiding out at Rock Creek Lake, fishing. But there are some things that he can’t hide from.

Directed by Marcus Mars


Struggling with her girlfriend's ongoing denial, Lorena is left with the repercussions of the poor decision that follows that heartbreak.

Directed by Lea Pfandler


Xu Huilin and her husband Zhiyong are leaders with The Church of Almighty God. They flee their hometown after learning the Chinese government is in pursuit of them because of their beliefs. 

Directed by The Church of Almighty God


When a woman arrives home one afternoon, she soon learns that she's not alone.

Directed by Teresa Garza


Shizuko was a cocooned home-stayer. Xian-Xian always didn’t reveal her true emotions, and she seemed to have no real friend. Jie, a lonely swordsman in the online game yet a loser in real life.

Directed by Yi-Feng Chang


Three ride-or-die high school BFFs face the issue of assault head-on.

Directed by Kerry Gamberg


Two Hollywood Producers try to save their dying careers by creating a blockbuster out of old movies and their warped imaginations.

Directed by Wayne Keeley


This woman has been following us for twentyfive centuries, since Sophocles introduced her to the Athenian democracy in the Great Dionysians.

Directed by Joaquim Pavão


Dale searches for his missing girlfriend at a secretive community called The Cottages.

Directed by John Darbonne


This miniature epic examines a city under quarantine with a set of stories marked by their redemptive beauty and frank, gritty reality. 

Directed by Marco North


Tom hides not only a deformed face behind his flamboyant Commedia dell'arte masks, but also a dark secret that won't be divulged until decades later.

Directed by Cristophe Mavroudis


A young girl attempts to bring back the dead in a little chapel.

Directed by Richard Schertzer


A New Yorker comes face-to-face with an unwanted guest forcing him to choose...YOU or ME

Directed by Yana Zinov


The Hocus Pocus Society gathers every year on the night of the anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death, and the atmosphere is as surreal as it gets.

Directed by Duane Michals


Super Cut Free Way is a silent film made with an iPhone 5c and a combination of several creative video apps.

Directed by Vasco Diogo


In Harlequin's imaginary tour, he encounters a sleeping Yort.

Directed by Duane Michals


There were a girl and a boy sent by their parents to came to a foreign country for studying then they stayed. They met they married, they only have themselves but no other family around them.

Directed by Ray Du


Something unusual happens while a group of young people is hanging out by the pool at night.

Directed by Sara Eustáquio


The video clip takes place in a virtual black passe-partout.

Directed by Barbara Peikert

28-poster_Fuggiro Tanto Amore.jpg

Diana and Alex are two classmates who study music at a conservatory. One afternoon they meet
at Diana’s apartment to rehearse for an old madrigal’s audition.

Directed by Raul Lorite


An old man hard on his luck, looks to a long lost dream for financial freedom.

Directed by Scott D Clark


The film recorded an unconscious state of people meanwhile let the audience experience the process of it with conscious. Only by waiting can we exist meaningfully.

Directed by Vincy Wang

38-poster_La solitude est un animal de c

How will an instable and depressed writer finally manage to complete his novel? David converses with his characters as if they were living human beings.

Directed by Gagnol Alain

42-banner_Le paysan du Danube de Jean de

Before the antique Roman senate, the Peasant of the Danube – clothed in hair and looking like an unlicked bear – gives a grandiose speech for the freedom of his people.

Directed by Jean-Arneau Filtness


Young Benjamin, an avid music lover, reluctantly arrives to his estranged family's mansion for an imposed lunch.

Directed by Olivia Chiesi


A woman has recently become the sole inhabitant of her long time home - or has she?

Directed by Nicholas Anderson


A young boy discovers a house full of forgotten imaginary friends. Along with his friend Alice, Wallace helps bring these curiosities back to the real world to meet new human companions.

Directed by Ben Tobin


Candace Van Houten finds her Senate campaign at the center of controversy after an unexpected discovery, forcing her team into damage control.

Directed by Jesse Cook III


A young man strolls on some busy streets, people coming and going, getting on with their day.

Directed by Richard Schertzer


Vince is the perfect killer. He does his jobs calmly and concentrated
and cannot be upset by anything.

Directed by Stanley Möschke


When his dream of becoming the first mountaineer in history to climb Everest is shattered by the Communist regime dogma Matty dedicates his life into pursuing caving

Directed by Cristian Lascu

Oana Ghiocel


A couple that's living a long-distance relationship have a conversation through a video call. Through this conversation, they'll treat themes like love, confidence and sex.

Directed by Miguel Ángel Cardona


On their third anniversary, Ilona gets Thomas a 'special' present - a meeting with an Apprev. consultant, to have his Mandatory Vasectomy reversed. 

Directed by Damian Harris

8-poster_Touché coulé.jpg

Lost and hypnotized by our daily urban routine, a hard but saving disruption occurs, revealing the mesmerizing strength of the nature.

Directed by Juan Pablo Fuenzalida Lorca

6-poster_O Babado da Toinha.jpg

That Toinha is not just any Bahian, this is evident to those who see her, for the first time, behind her board.

Directed by Sérgio Bloch


Acadians from the island of Belle-Ile-en-Mer, France, visit their Acadian cousins in Canada for the first time.

Directed by Phil Comeau


Lasanha! discusses relationships between men and women, in which women must take care, educate and guard. Man gives back, in this case, a lasagna.

Directed by Gus Arruda Lins


Fractures appear in the relationships of three young people after a loved one dies from a drug overdose.

Directed by Craig Moore


In the never-ending night, a man and a prostitute drive together in the lonely darkness exploring themselves and the lack of happiness.

Directed by Marco Berton Scapinello


Two futuristic lady cops bust a forbidden speakeasy

Directed by Brandy Seymour

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-15 at 12.37.45.jpeg

A girl confronts her emotions and struggles as she feels forced to grow up and fit in the society standards.

Directed by Sara Eustaquio


After a night out with her friends, Louise doesn't just live through the worst horrortrip of her life but wakes up in some sort of basement without a single memory of how she got there..

Directed by Moritz Staudte


Simon is an eight-year-old boy who seems to have everything from life. He’s a handsome child, he’s rich yet unhappy

Directed by Luca Machnich


The boy preliminarily sought explanations for his 17-year-old sister's unexpected pregnancy, but things lost control step by step.

Directed by Donglin Liu


846 is the story of two men who cross paths on a day they at will change their lives forever.

Directed by Charles Andrews


Grant, 26 years old, hits the road with his car and ends up in this little town just in front of a bar, the only one around, run by James Randall.

Directed by Hamé Raeen

Photo 1 EoWSEpiXcAM4_PQ.jpg

Distance takes place in an alternate Earth reality in 2149. Bonnie Whitmore is desperately searching for her son Kyle amid the chaos.

Directed by Richard Schertzer


A call, a hat, and a strange man. The party was cool...but the hardware?

Directed by Mr. Nalivadi


In this latest video of The Meeting , the interpreter we meet Don Jr. about to become first son.

Directed by Catherine Gropper


A brutal criticism of the “legendification” process

Directed by Boray Deniz Taspinar


From street violence to war, why human beings are so keen on violence.

Directed by Qunyuan Wang


Rossella and Guglielmo's older brother, Edoardo, passed away. Death brings the two siblings back together...maybe.

Directed by Serena Giordano

2-poster_L'acte ultime.jpg

A middle-aged Breton farmer and virgin of his state, despairs in his pig farm that does not pay him much.

Directed by Bernard Assako

3-poster_La raya.jpg

Two neighboring peoples live in the same territory, separated by the border line.

Directed by Jose Pedraza Martinez


Pleng and Pear frequently meet in the same place on a regular basis. A location where factual cannot be deduced.

Directed by Koraphat Cheeradit


The most beautiful couple... Ok!!! Ok!!!... one of the most beautiful cosplay couples in Indypolis, Gwen and Spidey.

Directed by Vladislav Dubkov


Three friends, that had known each other since they were little kids, have decided to spend a night out together.

Directed by Alexandr Borecký


Maria has been left in her grandmother's care, who has the urge to teach her little trades that help her fend for herself. 

Directed by Miguel Anaya Borja


A shooting at a university-played out for 24 terrifying minutes-in a single unbroken close-up of a young woman hiding in an auditorium.

Directed by Jacob Thomas Pilgaard


Zaara Aslam has lived a sheltered life. Having retreated into her fantasy life has helped her become a talented young filmmaker, but has left her real world skills somewhat underdeveloped.

Directed by Hassan Raza


In 2084, when advanced technology developed so far and changed some important human traits, but some people are still willing to use technology without sacrificing their freedom. 

Directed by Ömer Faruk Aykut


Darnell, a timid young man, questions his tumultuous relationship with his abusive girlfriend of three years after coming home one night from a group of friends.

Directed by Corey Davis


Marco is a lonely immigrant living in the UK, he works as a kitchen porter until late and in his spare time, he trains and plays video games.

Directed by Pol Oliveras Paris


Jenny has found the man of her dreams. However, to her evil astonishment, he ends the relationship after 4 years.

Directed by Micha Andrea Meyer


In a timeless, empty and minimalist environment, Estro shows the writer's creative process, who falls for the main character of his book.

Directed by Daniel Tupinambá


Two police officers are to pick up Aida, a young well-integrated student, from her foster mom and escort her to the airport where she is to be deported back to Syria.

Directed by Jacob Thomas Pilgaard


The story follows a son's psychological journey as he confronts his past trauma to reconnect with the father he loves.

Directed by Ravi Ajit Chopra


Coming from outer space, an intergalactic cow invites BoOzy' OS to join the biggest animation film festival of the universe.

Directed by J.K. Arsyn


Nearly 15 years after his last featured performance, Mark Anthony Thomas revisits his poetic past with the documentary short film “Folded Whispers”

Directed by M.A. Thomas,

S. McFarland, J. Rooney

5-poster_Arrivederci Paris.jpg

One evening, in a luxurious building in the centre of Paris, an armed woman bursts into the apartment of Adriano Rizzo, an actor who exploits his status to abuse young actresses.

Directed by Louis Salvatore Bellanti

6-poster_The Rat.jpg

This is a true story that happened during the Collapse of the Soviet Union in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The Prisoner is a guitar player released from jail who settled in the room of a closed plant.

Directed by Baimukhamedov Zhantemir

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