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Showcasing a multitude of aspects regarding the human condition, 'Anacronte' is a short animated film that succeeds in getting the public’s attention from the very first second and manages to keep them immersed in this imaginative world that resembles their own almost too much.


In the very first scene, the film reminds the viewer of how the Universe was created. The short begins with a big flash of light, so one could equally say it was either a 'Let there be Light!' moment or a 'Big Bang' theory that set everything in motion. The scene is then followed by a big burst of bright colors, reminiscent of humanity’s vitality and creativity. And that’s just the opening credits, we haven’t even gotten to the actual short film yet!


The leader of this gang and his Evil Archers are reminiscent of the legend of Chronos or even Death herself, affecting different people in various ways, and having enormous power over their victims. Stuck between dream and reality, the audience does not know if there is any escape from them. As the arrows keep materializing themselves into existence, no one walking on “The Plain of Life” is safe.


Anacronte and his Sorcerer’s of Evil are presented as monstrous entities in the vast Universe of the movie but they could be simply representing time, life, and the atrocities that inevitably come along with them. Whether it is a form of cancer, catching your partner cheating on you or a random explosion in a war-torn country, these experiences affect both us and – through the ripple effect – the world, depending on how we react to them.


The winners of this game plainly refuse to let the monsters take away the joy they have in their life by making the most of it and focusing on the positive aspects more than anything else. So what if you’re left with a scar, be it literal or metaphorical? Do you choose to let it affect you and your relationship with the world or do you overcome it and focus on the road ahead?


The animation is extremely well made and the story is as touching as it is real. Choosing to tell it exclusively through visuals and little to no dialogue, the narrator manages to capture the attention of the viewer better than if the characters were talking. It is a story about incredible suffering and hope for a better future. It is heartbreaking and heartwarming in equal measure.


If this short were to be transformed into a feature-length film it would most likely keep audiences at the edge of their seats. It would need a pretty big budget for the animation, but it would attract a lot of viewers, so that wouldn’t really be a big problem. It is appealing for a multitude of audiences, managing to educate younger viewers and possibly re-educate adults. The script has a clear recipe for success, mixing all of its’ ingredients masterfully.

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