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Basic Rules



    Due to the limited time of screening hours, only the WINNING FILMS of each category will have the chance to be screened at our          location, thus meaning a total of 10 films - the AWARD WINNERS (Best Film, Silver, Bronze, Special Mention) and the CATEGORIES        AWARD WINNERS (Animation, Documentary, etc). If your film will be selected as a WINNER, it will be screened, otherwise, not.


    Only short films accepted (maximum 35 minutes long) of any genre.


    We only accept online screeners, digital copies or a link to the project (such as Vimeo, Youtube, etc).


    The entry fee is refundable upon request, no later than 15 days after submitting your project.


    We only accept digital submissions of HD quality (720p or better). Furthermore, Filmstrip IFF has the right to disqualify/not accept      your submission without further notice.


    English subtitles mandatory (except for music videos)


    For films selected for the final screening, we will require a download link to the submission and English subtitles in subtitle                  formats (.txt, .sub, .srt, etc)  in order to translate the movie for the audience, all of these no later than 7 days prior to the festival          screening. 


    Maximum 2 projects per director/submitter per festival edition, however, you will be allowed to resubmit the entry in the next            edition if the project hasn’t been awarded in the previous one.

    For a category to be considered eligible, there will be minimum 5 entries necessary.

    The Best Film award winner cannot submit his film at our festival for 1 year.




    BEST FILM - Filmstrip IFF Trophy + Award Certificate + Screening

    SILVER AWARD – Award Certificate + Screening

    BRONZE AWARD – Award Certificate + Screening

    SPECIAL MENTION – Award Certificate + Screening


    Individual Awards

    BEST DIRECTOR – Award Certificate

    BEST EDITOR – Award Certificate

    BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER – Award Certificate

    BEST ORIGINAL SCORE – Award Certificate

    BEST ACTOR – Award Certificate

    BEST ACTRESS – Award Certificate


    Categories Awards

    BEST ANIMATION – Award Certificate + Screening

    BEST DOCUMENTARY – Award Certificate + Screening

    BEST EXPERIMENTAL – Award Certificate + Screening

    BEST MUSIC VIDEO – Award Certificate

    BEST STUDENT FILM – Award Certificate + Screening

    BEST WEB SHORTS – Award Certificate


    Best Screenplay Award – Filmstrip IFF Trophy + Award Certificate

    Runner-Up – Award Certificate

    Second Runner-Up – Award Certificate


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