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If we knew exactly what a certain course of action would lead to, we either would have superhuman abilities or would not live in this world. Oftentimes, small decisions or actions can span life-changing consequences, and events can unfold in previously unimaginable ways. A chance encounter can alter everything that subsequently happens to one person – and the chance encounter might be the result of forces outside the span of their actions. This is what the short film by Vikkramm Chandirramani tries to push forward – simplistically (and a bit uninspiringly) called ‘Destiny’, it chronicles a revenge story that takes an unexpected turn.


Tanya chills with her friend Richa, overjoyed at the prospect of going on a third date with Derek – a guy she met on a dating app. She enthusiastically praises his attention to detail, alongside his looks and a good job – it looks like a match made in heaven. She receives a phone call from Derek, but everything isn’t as rosy as she made it to be – the young man is not interested in pursuing their dating further. Furious, Tanya devises a plan to get some revenge on Derek – and when this works, the two girls contemplate more and more ways of poking fun at him.


'Destiny' is a good-natured comedy that will keep audiences smiling throughout. It is by no means over the top hilarious, and it will elicit no laugh out loud moments, but its bright and optimistic outlook, despite the presence of strong negative emotions, grants it a positive allure. The cinematography follows suit in terms of optimism: all of the scenes are well-lit and present a symphony of bright colors that complement either the on-screen range of emotions or the dynamism of a set sequence. The score is also effectively utilized to elicit similar responses – although it could be used in more occasions and could exhibit higher originality in terms of content. The two or three upbeat tunes achieve their intended purpose but do not by any means become memorable in their own right.


Taken as a light romantic comedy flick with deeper meanings and a simplistic yet very meaningful take on modern relationships – note that the two main characters never meet directly during the film’s runtime – 'Destiny' does not have many drawbacks. The best friend dialogues are a bit on the cheesy side, the plot is rather predictable to a point, and the characters are not at all complex: Richa is merely there to be talked to and ask obvious questions, Tanya is enamoured in the first half and vengeful in the second, while Derek’s context and motivations are never explored in even the slightest detail. However, this is to be understood given the short, 12-minute runtime – and in a way, it makes the film in its current form better.


It thus presents the events from a single perspective, Tanya’s, and the conclusion, although not involving her directly, is very much about her. All in all, this film is a worthwhile watch – a bright, bitter-sweet comedy that will almost surely provide a good dose of entertainment, and one or two uneasy thoughts about relationships today.

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