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Written and directed by Pol Oliveras Paris, 'Kingdom' is a drama short that stars Joey Maragakis and Leoni Amandin. ‘Kingdom’ follows Michael, a kitchen porter and a contract cleaner named Mariela, who randomly meet in an apartment complex and instantly hit it off. But Mariel is hiding a terrible secret, one that threatens to derail their whirlwind romance forever.

Joey Maragakis and Leoni Amandin are fantastic, and it is their electric chemistry that gives the film its power. From two strangers who randomly happen to meet to star-crossed lovers, their journey is anything but linear. Paris charts the journey of these characters in such a way that it not only feels highly organic, but it resonates on a deeper level as well. The script is fantastic, developing their conversations from initially awkward exchanges to friction-laden dialogue that is the staple of every passionate romance.

The most astounding thing about 'Kingdom' is how it makes us, the audience, fall in love with these characters. The writing and the acting are so great that one cannot help but become enamoured with the leads and root for them to end up together. We feel the pain Mariela feels, and we can't help but become attached to her. Very few films move the audience in the way that 'Kingdom' does, and full marks to Paris for succeeding in this regard. According to Paris, he developed the characters from his own experiences, and it shows; both protagonists feel authentic and human, and it is their authenticity that makes the film so good.

From a technical standpoint, 'Kingdom' is polished enough to be in the same realm as feature films. The cinematography is crisp and lively as it brings out the damp colours of the UK with a flair. Equally impressive is the score that provides life to the script and the performances, elevating the entire story in the process. In addition, the editing and pacing are perfect, ensuring the story’s seamless narrative momentum.

Truth be told, 'Kingdom' is a fantastic film on all accounts. The writing is poignant, the characters rich, and the story is both heartfelt and heartbreaking. Not only has Paris poured his soul into this story, but he has also done so with the perfection of an auteur. Pol Oliveras Paris’s ‘Kingdom’ takes the audience on a whirlwind journey of romance as two characters, despite their towering differences, come together to face the world.


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