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The Magical Watch

A young man strolls on some busy streets, people coming and going, getting on with their day. He eventually comes to a stop in an emptier place, where no more humans can be heard, only the joyous chirping of birds. It is here that he finds a watch, laying on the ground, a simple trinket that certainly changes the course of his day.

This short, experimental film catches the audience’s eye from the get-go. It opts out of the traditional technique which rests behind the very concept of a movie – moving picture. Instead, it tells its story through a slideshow of static images, accompanied by a continuous flow of sound. Most of these sounds are ambient noises: footsteps, crowd murmurs, and birds chirping, and induce a sort of meditative state. The lack of any articulated sounds, or language, gives freedom for the imagination to flow in other directions.

The plot itself is so simplistically drawn, that it’s almost non-existent. The important details, instead, are the implications and meanings of the ‘magical’ watch. Could it, for instance, be a wake-up call, a hard fact that prompts the protagonist to transition from one ‘world’ to another ‘world’? In a similar way, might it simply symbolize the inevitable passing of time, which changes something in the protagonist’s worldview once he is confronted with such an irrefutable reality? There are many potential avenues of interpretation, with none of them being right or wrong.

We found this experimental short to be a nicely crafted project, that remained expressive despite its absolute simplicity, both in visual terms, as well as with regard to its theme and story. It’s a bold idea that got implemented in a unique manner and most likely obtained the result it was going for.

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