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Every’nparty… Nalivadi?!? is essentially the avant-garde experimental/artistic film that changes how we approach filmmaking. Its intended sets implement various modes of experimental storytelling, from the sardonic juxtaposition of ‘caricature’ characters to the earnestness of the time-lapse sequences gravitating in a limited space yet with an unidentified time dimension.

Attention is given to the very detail in every shot as a way to interact with the audience, which is the fundamental idea of every visionary film. The background is constantly changing, and it takes a frame to realize that something is moving in the back, or an artificial element is added for the purpose of navigating the viewer inside the filmmaker’s enigmatic world. It could be said that Every’nparty… Nalivadi?!? comes from personal places, as every aspiring filmmaker knows that in order to present art, they need to tear apart their clothes and appear naked in front of the public, figuratively speaking.

In a way, the creator advocates for the idea that a film should be as accessible as the viewer's interest and foreknowledge based on concepts learned throughout the developing years. Viewers should react differently to the presented material, as they will enter this experience from their curious and almost sincere perspective. The final results would vary – some would immediately fall in love with the film and click the replay button, while others would feel that they need to have some time alone in order to comprehend the moving images they experienced in the form of expression. Everyone's reaction is natural. There is no absolute truth when it comes to films that penetrate the grey areas of one's subconsciousness.

Every’nparty… Nalivadi?!? makes the best out of the resources it possesses in the pre-production. It uses a set of materials to craft different designs as a part of the concept and narrative. The hardware is decomposed, masks are destroyed, yet the characters behind them remain unknown. Consequently, the production resources are unimportant when compared to what makes the film – the skills, talent and passion. Therefore, the film could be described as a passion project that should enrich the filmmakers' portfolio. It's a project to be proud of and confident that it would be recognized by the educated audience and film enthusiasts.

It's essential to pay attention to the dynamic shots even when the camera is static. The background is animated, regardless of whether one or one hundred elements are placed there. Also, the poetic Serbian language is a nice touch of subtlety. Besides the directing and cinematography, it's worth considering the fascinating production and costume design, which also changes over the course of the story.

All in all, Every’nparty… Nalivadi?!? is an abstract and immensely cryptic project that underlies distinctive quality traits. It's one of a kind project that requires multiple viewings in order to receive the key to unlock certain aspects of it.


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