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Barbara Peikert’s project takes place in an undefined environment of perpetual blackness and features a light probe’s movement and reflection in the said environment. This visual imagery combines with output for the auditive senses, which is freely generated by the movements in order to combine into a symphony of sight and sound. The composition produces an interesting effect in the mind of the viewers, instilling a sense of both relaxation and urgency, merging opposites into one and then promptly letting go.


The experimental appeal of this short film lies less in the result, and more in the process through which it was achieved. Through its method of generation, the sound complements the visuals on a deeper level, and the meanings ascribed to this almost natural connection can be almost infinite.


The pulling and pushing of the light probe, the editing, and the movements are indicative of apparent randomness at a micro level, and showcase the inherent strangeness in everything.


Taken as a whole, 'AF_SO_MONT_NB' might be a little bit too abstract and unfocussed, but its nature and composition make for a valuable experiment in perspective manipulation.

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