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Mademoiselle French Collection

In her short promotional film, Victoria Napolitano showcases her passion and expertise in haute couture, offering a sneak-peak into her services. The clip focusses less on telling a story and pushing hard facts toward a potential customer, instead opting to transmit the unique feeling of being serviced by Ms. Napolitano and her team, tailoring the end product into a sort of cinematic advertising experience.


From an objective filmmaking perspective, the 'Mademoiselle French Collection' promo clip leaves quite a bit to be desired: some peculiar editing choices, stale and repetitive score and stiff, rigid movements of the models are not exactly in line with quality cinematography.


However, in the end, the short film does achieve its objective of building the promise of an intimate experience – the models looking straight into the camera – otherwise a questionable decision - achieving just that. Still, we could not get over the uninspired music, which might work for a banal product showing, but not for a distinguished, personalized haute couture experience. The live performance which the clip eventually reverts to in the end would have been much more suitable.


Despite its numerous quirks and misgivings, the promo clip for Victoria Napolitano’s 'Mademoiselle French Collection' exudes a sense of confidence and professionalism. Whether it is in the beautiful decors or the astonishing dresses, the short film speaks highly about the experience it sells, and that is perhaps its most important characteristic.

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