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Three Brothers Two

Losing a loved one is difficult – the cycle of grief is devastating, and it can shake your entire being to the core. For Jack, the first thing he wishes to do after his brother dies of an overdose is to blame. Immediately, he lashes out at his brother's best friend, Tony, who was with his brother the night he died. Jack angrily rips into him right there at the funeral as Tony whimpers and apologizes profusely. It's difficult to watch as Jack spits insult after insult, mincing no words and making it very clear that he fully holds Tony responsible for this tragedy. Meanwhile, Aine desperately tries to convince Jack to keep the peace. She explains that it was all just a tragic mistake and that it isn't really Tony's fault. Jack, however, clearly does not take her seriously, and over the next three months focuses on getting his revenge.

Three Brothers Two is an emotional journey that examines grief, acceptance, accountability, and regret. It is a brutal look at how loss can push you to the edge and cause you to lose sight of the people you once held dear to you in favour of wallowing and vengeance. While the story itself is captivating, what really drives this film is the fantastic performance from Graham Earley, who plays Jack. He performs with a melancholic fierceness that perfectly encapsulates the emotional core of the film. Aaron Adamson also turns out a great performance as Tony – his stand out scenes are his snivelling breakdown at the brother's funeral and his later muted acceptance of Jack's rage.

Visually, the movie is beautiful. One sequence features Jack and Aine (a fantastic Marie Devine) arguing on a pier. The scene cuts between the two and the backdrop of the lake they're standing on is absolutely gorgeous. A reflection of them in the lake shimmers as they trade verbal blows. Director Craig Moore does a fantastic job with sequences like this one, letting the actors shine while expertly framing the drama. Moore earned a nomination for 'Best Director' for his work. The film's pulsing score also accentuates the drama. Niall Tormey composed the music for this short, and his composition does an excellent job of providing an atmosphere of both tension and sadness. For his incredible work, Three Brothers Two has been awarded 'Best Original Score'.

Three Brothers Two is a standout short that packs an emotional wallop. Jack's character arc is fascinating to watch and keeps the viewer on edge – will he pursue his revenge, or will he be able to move on without bloodshed? The film covers plenty of ground in its thirty minutes running time and maintains an edge throughout its entirety. It tells a poignant, character-driven story that is relentless in its exploration of grief and loss. Thus being said, the film is truly worth the Silver Award at our competition.

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